Since 1972

Steve and Christine opened Wainwrights Jewelry in may of 1972. They purchased the store from Dean Kincaid who was forced to sell due to illness. In 1976 they purchased the ground and built a new store in conjunction and connected to the B&W pharmacy. They have been in business at that location ever since.

Throughout the following years they have excelled in customer service with a complete line of bridal rings, wedding bands, fashion jewelry, memorial jewelry, watches and purses of all styles. Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be their number one goal.

When you purchase jewelry from Wainwrights, we stand behind it, we do not make you buy any insurance to cover a product that is new and should not need any. For generations we have been helping young and old say to each other, I love you with jewelry from Wainwrights.



  • Steve and Christine opened Wainwrights Jewelry

  • Purchased the ground and built a new store in Beverly, Ohio.

    This store is connected to the B&W Pharmacy

  • Wainwrights Fine Jewelry expanded to McConnelsville, Ohio with the purchase of a new store.

  • A full remodel was performed on the Beverly, Ohio store.

  • Wainwrights Fine Jewelry moved to a new location in McConnelsville, Ohio.

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